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'There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.' W Shakespeare


An unsolved murder in a picturesque seaside town, the disappearance of a genius craftsman admired by The Royal Family, linked by a priceless pocket watch. When the timepiece finds its way into the hands of down on his luck, Ben Robertson, he sees an opportunity to get his life back on track. Entering the curious world of restoration, he sets about returning the watch back to its former glory.

Removing layers of corrosion reveals its exquisite beauty and also yields details about its dark past with connections to a hoard of jewels lost long ago.

The temptation to discover more sets Ben on a path he didn’t anticipate and with the unconventional eye of expert restorer, Rebecca Ruskin, the pursuit of truth and treasure begins.

Are these cases too cold to solve? Could the fate of the former owners become their own? Or could restoration mean redemption for more than just the watch?

"Again, a wonderful story in which your knowledge of and enthusiasm for restoration work raises it to a level of reality that most novels lack. A really wonderful piece of creation." 

Rodney Munday


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